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Hi, I'm Lyn Blanchard and I've helped dozens of entrepreneurs discover and create new growth opportunities for their companies whether start-up or emerging. And I can do the same for you. We use proven principles and practical approaches to strategic innovation that reduces risk, delivers fast results and improves optimal outcomes. Click the button below to learn how to start your journey of discovery and creation.

Lyn Blanchard CMC President & Founder
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Lyn Blanchard has over 30 years of experience in the management of technology and innovation. She has extensive experience in sales and marketing, product development, operations and executive leadership. She is a founder of Creekstone Consulting Inc.

Consulting Services

Creekstone was established in the year 2000 on the principle that delivering results to our clients — not just reports or PowerPoint slide stacks — separates us from other management consulting companies.

“For all businesses, change is everywhere and it is constant. It creates uncertainty about what to do next and how to act. However, with change comes opportunity. The challenge for business leaders is to know how to look for these opportunities and exploit them before competitors do. We can help support and coach leaders to meet the challenges head on.”
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Lyn Blanchard CMC

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Seasoned Advice

We can provide coaching, facilitation and educational modules to help you with your growth journey.

Tools Tips & Techniques

We have designed tools, techniques and tips that can unlock the uncertainty about what to do next. This can help accelerate your growth plans and outcomes.

Proven Frameworks

In this day and age we are experiencing unprecedented, exponential change. How you and your company adapts to change can make the difference between success or failure.

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