About Us

Creekstone Consulting Inc. is a management consulting firm that specializes in the discovery and creation of new growth opportunities for businesses.

We have over 16 years of experience in helping companies move to the next level of performance. We use proven principles and practical approaches to strategic innovation that reduces risk, delivers fast results and improves optimal outcomes.

What We Do

  • Strategy and Innovation Business Design Consulting

    Business leaders sometimes need hands on support to help their companies innovate and continuously reinvent. We bring our a road map and consulting processes to help discover, actualize and curate opportunities to deliver growth. LEARN MORE...

  • Team Faciliation Leadership

    Many companies both start-up and established need to provide their employees with a framework and tools to break through boundaries holding back growth. We provide facilitation events to help make this happen. LEARN MORE

  • Webinars, Workshops and Presentations

    Sometimes education on frameworks, methodologies and techniques is all that is required to get a company started and pointed in the right direction. We provide a broad set of educational modules that can help you get there. LEARN MORE

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Creekstone Consultants can help entrepreneurs get their act together to plan and grow their companies.

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